back to article Three storage upstarts hit back at doom, gloom 'n' layoffs news

Amidst the six-way storage startup staff lay-off gloom, another three companies* are going the other way. Exagrid, owncloud and Simplivity are showing the storage market still has a thirst for great products. Wake up competitors, and smell the coffee. Actifio, Atlantis, Coho Data, DataGravity, Panasas and Tegile have all laid …

  1. phil dude
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    I have owncloud on my phone(s), desktop, and remote as well.

    I paid for the app on the phone, everything else was FOSS, and it makes sharing data with third parties very straightforward.

    They get a secure URL which you can password protect, and time limit.

    So far, it does what it says on the tin.


    1. Valeyard

      Re: owncloud...

      yeah i have an owncloud server hosted on a pi with various computers of mac/linux/windows as well as mobile devices all playing happily with it

      the people too were very quick to respond to a ticket i raised, and I know the data is under my roof where i can keep an eye on it

    2. decoy_underpants

      Re: owncloud...

      when you put a large number of files in it, the wheels start falling off and they fall off quickly. This is a very well documented problem with own cloud.

      Another big problem is with the mobile app. I want my photos backed up. Own cloud will only capture the camera roll and to do so it has to make copies of each file and then upload it. So you have two copies of everything on your phone.

      Seafile let's me select whatever folders with photos I want. In my case, camera roll, instagram, screenshots, etc. And it works incredibly well. so Seafile is my choice!

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