back to article Violin Memory offers starter kits to tempt flash storage virgins

Violin Memory has two flash array starter bundles to give enterprises "an easy and affordable way" into all-flash array performance. Both are based on the high-end FSP 7700 all-flash array, which can provide, Violin says, two million IOPS. The Scalable Starter Kit has: Two Violin FSP 7700 Modular Scalable Array Controllers …

  1. D P Duck

    How important is array level synchronous replication these days?

    When I consider all the synchronization techniques being introduced at higher levels in the I/O stack, I wonder if this feature of the new Violin kit is really a differentiating factor that will encourage new customers to go for the kit? Doesn't it just double up the cabling that would be required for a vMotion or Software Defined Storage type of environment?

    Perhaps there are specific high performance applications that might benefit from this array-array synchronization, but I'm not sure it is going to boost sales enough to get the firm back into favour with the stock market.

    1. Flammi

      Re: How important is array level synchronous replication these days?

      I'm certainly not saying that syncrep on array level makes a lot of sense, but in some countries (especially Germany and Austria) people demand it.

      Violin simply uses FalconStore to do it. No secret sauce...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kick the can down the road

    Will this company just die already?

    1. Flammi

      Re: Kick the can down the road

      Agreed. Dead man walking!

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