back to article Sophisticated malware-as-a-racket fraudsters have been scamming businesses for 10 years

Security researchers have lifted the lid on the Poseidon Group, a global cyber-espionage gang in operation since at least 2005. Most top-drawer hacking crews are state-sponsored – such as the cyber-units of China’s Peoples Liberation Army or the NSA’s elite Tailored Access Operations team. Unlike these government-backed spies …

  1. chivo243 Silver badge

    Shirley, no Shelley?

    Poseidon and no picture of Shelley Winters above the story? Why did El Reg adopt this platform again? NOT to show pictures when they are funny!??

    Geesh, try to run an internet and this is what you get....

  2. Panix

    Wish they had named the company doing the extortion.....

  3. x 7

    " into hiring the Poseidon Group as a security consultant under the threat of exploiting the stolen information."

    That means the identity of group members must become my world that would result in an interesting unannounced visit culminating in a conversation between kneecaps and lump hammer

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