back to article Big hybrid iron swinger Infinidat bigs up its own growth

Infinidat, Moshe Yanai’s attempt to re-invent monolithic arrays in hybrid array, super-reliable form, had a good final 2015 quarter and wants everyone to know it's growing while competitors are lagging. To put this in context, in the third quarter of 2015 Infinidat had 61 per cent quarter-over-quarter growth and a 255 per cent …

  1. Marc 25

    "It also told the world that more than 250PB of Infinidat storage had been shipped to customers."

    Considering they ship in 2.5PB blocks, simple maths will tell you how many customers they're likely to have and what the rest of those numbers actually mean.

    Thats a lot of partners for not very many deals.

    1. skenniston

      I like how everyone likes to be a hater. While it is true we can put 2.5PB in a single system / floor tile, this is not how all systems go out the door. We have a mix of system types with different capacities that help us align to the customers goals and objectives. So the reality is it was a great number of deals. Can't we all just get along?

  2. AndrueC Silver badge

    'Hybrid iron swinger' - I thought this was another golf related story for a minute.

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