back to article Rkt container runtime leaves the launchpad

CoreOS has decided that rkt, its open source container, is fit for production purposes and therefore ready to fly as version 1.0. Rkt is an alternative to Docker's file format and runtime that, as we wrote at its launch, tries to knock off Docker's rough edges with special attention to security while making it possible to run …

  1. Denarius Silver badge

    similar to AIX in complexity

    A full bore fault tolerant redundant AIX setup with dual HMCs, SAN farm, failover dual or more VIOs is another way to achive high complexity and resilience if organisation has done staff training. Can be very robust so complexity is no longer a point of failure _if_ IT staff understand it. And therein lies the rub; how many organisations train now ? Very few new IT staff will pay multiple $5000 course fees in the hope they might get a job. Good to see alternative technologies coming on anyway. IMHO, still a lottery which will become dominant. Often not the best.

    1. Steve Aubrey

      Re: similar to AIX in complexity

      @Denarius, it usually is the best, but not necessarily the best technology. May be the best time-to-market, or the best marketing. Occasionally, as I think you meant, it is the best technology.

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