win 10 forced upgrade next week.

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    win 10 forced upgrade next week.

    so they finally did it. as of tuesday, its a recommended update, which means that nearly every single win 7 box i look after (home premium, pro) will suffer from it. a lot of them are very small businesses who dont need it, dont want it, and certainly dont want to pay me to sort it out afterwards. ive seen win 10 "upgrade" screw up alll manner of things from totally dead box, to flashing welcome screen to screwing up

    1)File permissions

    2) Drivers and devices

    3) Network shares

    4) Accounts software

    5) Peripheral devices (printers, scanners, cameras)

    6) Loss of contacts and email

    7) Loss of data

    8) Loss of programs

    9) Security software

    in the last few months.

    i am currently trying to protect my many customers from the upgrade. they all have either win 7 pro or home. they are nearly all set for auto install of win 7 updates.

    ive emailed them all, and ive been using the reg file below and unticking "give me recomended updates in the same manner as i get important updates" in windows update settings.

    the reg entries below...1 of them is from which is the err, "official" (and really easy for doris the 70 year old) way to do it. the other diables the nag screen

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





    but ive just read an article from a month ago (which i actually commented on but forgot that id read it) that there are windows updates that run processes that undo the disableosupgrade reg key.

    is this still true? please let me know as i have already done the fixes above to about 70 pc's and have about 300 to go tomorrow and over the weekend. i am already bored to death, welded to my keyboard and the thought of having to do it all over again on the account of some fucking MS bullshit is going to kill me

    and yes, i have used gwx control panel, but doris cant cope with it or its alerts.

    1. Known Hero
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      Re: win 10 forced upgrade next week.

      trying to be constructive not taking the piss.

      Would it not be easier to create a batch file for your customer, make it available on your website, when you call/email them provide the link and make your life easier?

      you get the credit and it looks personal & professional.

      or have a look here (as recommended by howtogeek)

      GWX control panel.

      Either way, Good luck !!!

      1. psychonaut

        Re: win 10 forced upgrade next week.

        i ended up writing a script and teamvierwering hundreds of machines since thursday. and now they didnt even unleash the patch. aaargh! probably be next month?

        i did initially write a reg file but 95% of customers couldnt unzip the fucking thing even with instructions with pictures. and as you probably know, you cant hyperlink to a .reg or a .bat file (doesnt work on my web server anyway) and the thought of getting them to try and rename a file extention was too much to contemplate.

        so, the thought of trying to get them to install gwx control panel and learn how to use it and then to pay attention to it when it pops up "win 10 change detected" was also too much to bear.

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