back to article Parallels opens new Windows with app virtualistion upgrade

Early in 2015, junior virtualiser Parallels acquired a remote application delivery company called 2X software. This week, 2X's assets have landed in the 15th and newest version of Parallels' Remote Application Server. Combining the two products means Remote Application Server is now far better at delivering apps and desktops …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Full of ads like their consumer products, I presume?

  2. Clive Harris

    I gave up on Parallels when they stopped supporting their Linux products

    I gave up on Parallels when they stopped supporting their Linux virtual machine products. I was left with several useless Parallels licences and several Windows VM's which I could no longer access.

  3. J__M__M

    Zubarev is betting... lower price tags will lure mid-market organisations.

    Lower price tags-- right up until a version or two from now when he:

    1. removes core functionality

    2 adds a handful of synthetic barriers

    3. kills the perpetual license option in favor of annual rent at twice the price.

    Hey Zubarev or whoever, if you need to raise prices then do it, but don't be effing weasels about it. Whoops, too late.

  4. leonhedding

    better UI

    The new UI is awful. The new logo is not bad, but the UI is still quite buggy on the client side.

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