back to article Lenovo: China biz down, PC and mobile down

The relatively weaker economy in China and slumping demand for gadgets puts Lenovo between a rock and a hard place. The company spent last year swamped with PC stocks as it had failed to recognise the oncoming slowdown, but has of late started to clear the decks helped in part by write-downs in Europe. Evidence of this can be …

  1. msknight


    I think any hope of an OS refresh helping commercial sales is going to be short lived.

    Microsoft do seem to have made Windows more efficient in recent years, making it pointless to automatically upgrade the hardware.

  2. Tezfair

    Not surprised

    I have seen a significant drop in quality with Lenovo the last 6 months. PSUs failing, hdds going south and laptop keyboards falling apart. It's now got to the point where we are looking to go with another brand.

    Interestingly, with Think products they send the part to you, but Edge has to be shipped to Germany. Imagine how much it cost to send a laptop to Essen to replace a broken laptop keyboard.

    1. InfiniteApathy

      Re: Not surprised

      > It's now got to the point where we are looking to go with another brand.

      The auto-reinstalling privacy breaking software did it for me, but I suppose we all have our breaking point.

  3. CheesyTheClown

    How could Windows 10 help?

    So far as I can tell, each new release of Windows improves efficiency and decreases the system foot print and hardware requirements. I would imagine that Lenevo needs to make money from being innovative or trying to be sexy.

    The market is completely saturated today. Faster CPU, RAM, SSD, etc... don't make a difference. When everything is already faster than any of us can complain about, making them faster doesn't make us run to buy more. Also, computers are lasting 5 or more years now before becoming out of style. Nearly 10 before they're too slow. I still use a 2011 Mac Mini for most of my iPhone development and all I did is add and SSD to make it fast enough. My desktop PC is a Core i7 2600 from years ago, it's still REALLY fast. We don't need better PCs.

    Thinner, smaller, faster isn't really practical anymore. My laptop is a Surface Book i7 w/ 16GB and 512gig SSD. It's bigger and bulkier than the Surface Pro 3 I used for a a year or two. It was worth it for the bigger screen and higher resolution. I wouldn't pay for another laptop for higher resolution though.

    Microsoft and Apple are selling computers because they're cool.... Lenevo doesn't go for that. They should buy Vaio and fix that.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How could Windows 10 help?

      Upvote for the final sentence.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: How could Windows 10 help?

        Vaio's aren't cool, they never have been. They're bloated trash. And Lenovo? Let's see ... a computer, manufactured in China, who is its biggest customer, that LOVES denying privacy, yeah - I trust that ... let me pay money for something that is already compromised; not that everything isn't already compromised. FUCK YOU NSA!

        We actually have an HP contractor with a Huawei phone - SERIOUSLY?!? Fuck China! I told him to get that piece of shit outta the building - Not that I have any authority in that matter.:)

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