back to article CSC boss Gossain is now an ex-exec

CSC UK chief Sanjiv Gossain has joined the not-so-selective club of ex-execs, leaving the ailing integrator less than two years into his tenure. In a wonderful blurt of business-speak, CSC sent us a statement on his departure, confirming Gossain is leaving to “pursue other opportunities as he transitions to the next chapter of …

  1. x 7


    Don't worry, when CSC finally migrates to being an ex-company, he won't be alone. It can't be far away

  2. Fatman

    OK, so did he run, or just managed to get out before the boot?

    I """just love corporate bullshitspeak""" trying to put lipstick on the lips of a slimy pig.

    So, ElReg readers, did he walk, or did he get the boot?

  3. Nick Woodruffe

    No trust

    I hear so much crap about CSC from friends who are unfortunate to have to work there that if they ever tendered for a contract at my company it would go straight into the shredder without opening the envelope.

  4. Nick Davey

    As an ex-employee

    I'm not sure how they could get much worse, excessive bureaucracy internally, poor rep externally. I sat at the same desk, got TUPE'd and suddenly the networking and server kit I'd been looking after for 6 years I couldn't touch anymore because I'd been aligned to "desktop" glad I took the money and ran during one of the many, many, redundancies there.

    1. PhilBuk

      Re: As an ex-employee

      Ditto - took my pension and went after a similar situation. Your description of "excessive bureaucracy internally, poor rep externally" took the words out my mouth. My contacts still left recount a rather grim existence.


    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: As an ex-employee

      Sounds very similar to my CSC experience after being TUPE'd in.

      I was put in the desktop only domain. No longe rallowed to touch networks or servers.

      This immediately made my role less interesting.

      Stuck it out for a few year's, with engineers leaving and being replaced with 'engineers' from India.

      Eventually took the money and ran. Started drawing my CSC pension, just before it stopped being a Final Salary Pension.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We are way past that ...

    "Excessive internal bureaucracy" is just a blip in the rear view mirror by now. The organisation is completely paralysed by parasitical internal processes: it's an absolute exemplar of Pournelle's Iron Law

  6. CharliePostles

    CSC Really !

    I work at CSC and a canteen full of us were discussing the forum over lunch and we don't recognise the company we work for from the comments on here......... if you know what you are doing and do it well CSC lets you get on with it was the basic sentiment....

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