back to article Zuck's bucks are now the world's 6th-largest cash pile

A stellar financial year from Facebook has made founder Mark Zuckerberg the sixth-richest person in the world. This according to Bloomberg, who now estimates that Zuckerberg is worth more than the Koch brothers, but slightly less than Mexican telco boss Carlos Slim. According to the latest rankings, Zuckerberg is now worth $ …

  1. Suburban Inmate

    We can all do our bit

    For many, myself included, FB is a communication tool and not using it would be like asking someone to not drive. Doable, but an utter pain in the hole even in London. Do you think you could get that sofa home from IKEA sticking out the arse end of an Uber?

    My way of using it akin to grudgingly getting a well made no-frills fuel efficient car, thereby keeping as much money as possible out of the hands of the car maker, Government, insurance firms, etc.

    I run AdBlock Plus, and FB Purity to make FB useable. It's like dual screens in that once you've tried to it, you never look back.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: We can all do our bit

      I find the best method to browse facebook is on mobile. I simply click on the "report as inappropriate" button on any advert I see. After a couple of weeks all adverts stop. I don't think I see more than 1 or 2 per month in my feed.

    2. D P Duck

      Re: We can all do our bit

      I have a FB account, but I can't remember the last time I logged into it. Are you sure you shouldn't be seeing somebody about an addiction problem :-)

  2. JDX Gold badge

    Bit of a slap in the face for all those claiming "FB will never make money" and "the shares will crash and burn".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      FB will never make money

      I don't think that was absolute, merely an observation about the returns on investment for shareholders. With a current market cap of c$300bn, and earnings for FY2016 that might get as far as $24bn, its looking more like a utility but with more risk. And as free cash flow is only circa $6bn a year, that's not much of a hypothetical dividend, is it - ignoring the fact that they don't pay any dividend.

      The vast wealth of Zuck is (like the other FANG founders) is based on high capitalisations of their owned stocks, when the real economic value of those stocks is a fraction of the price the market is currently paying. And the reason the market pays those? QE, bank bail outs, and the flood of fearful or dirty money out of emerging markets. There's no long term case for the FANG stock prices.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    emotion-manipulation is not acceptable or casual

    Completely disagree with inmate. Of the innumerable reasons why, the most venal for me is the emotion-manipulation experiments conducted on Facebook users by Cornell researchers. Remember that? We have short memories and outrages go down the memory hole quickly. A Guardian story about it can be found at the following tinyurl: p5jbhs9. I also disagree with inmate's blithe reference to Uber in the course of formulating a sentence about something else. It's unethical to ride it, it's unethical to drive for it, it's unethical to work for it, it's unethical to invest in it - you hadn't ought to be referring to it in passing in a breezy way because it isn't.

  4. D P Duck

    Is this the same company that paid a whopping 4,000 pounds to HRMC?

    How do they do it? When one considers the penal tax regime that FaceBook is subjected to it is amazing that they can be so successful. I must drop along to their tax haven office in Amsterdam to ask them how the do it!


    I am not suggesting that FaceBook is doing anything illegal. I know that they are a well run company that adheres to all tax laws they can avoid.

  5. windybeach

    GAP Hoodies

    Sadly I have it on good authority that GAP have only 12,000 of those Hoodies in stock worldwide

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do we as humans all love to be locked into things?

    Seems in the 90s and 00s we all loved being locked into using Windows and Office. Now it's Facebook.

  7. Little Mouse Silver badge

    He has all that money...

    ...but is he happy?

  8. David Pollard

    Oblig xkcd

  9. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    The Zuck has huge piles?

    Who knew?

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