back to article Microsoft: We think your Office files should see other people

Users of Microsoft Office now have more choice where they keep and work on their documents, and with whom they co-create them. "Since 2013, we’ve offered real-time co-authoring with Office Online documents stored in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online," said Microsoft's Office VP Kirk Koenigsbauer in a blog post. "Today …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

    Just saying.

    1. Chairo

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      Huh? You mean storing my documents anywhere I like?

      Who would stop me to do so? Linux is not proprietary and doesn't lock you in to any vendor and his "partners" by design, you know.

    2. Abacus

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      @J J Carter

      Your comment makes no sense. There must be an interpretive gap between what you think you wrote and what you posted.

      Also, why single out Mint?

      1. GrumpenKraut

        Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

        > @J J Carter

        > Your comment makes no sense.

        They never make any sense. His comment history reads like the output of a short troll-script by some anti-Eadon.

    3. frank ly

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      I have the Dropbox client on my Linux Mint machine and also have Insync (an independent Google Drive client). Both of them give me a synchronised folder on my machine. I used to have a Copy client which is a similar free cloud storage offering but I never used it so I took it off.

      I have the Dropbox folder inside the Google Drive folder so that the contents of the Dropbox folder get dual cloud storage backup.

      I tried it three years ago; it worked and it still works.

    4. kryptylomese

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      I think he meant that he is delighted with how well it works for him on Mint when nothing works very well on anything Microsoft

    5. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      Google docs - easy collaboration and multiple editors of the same doc/spreadsheet/etc.

      OK you have to add in Google to that list, but if its not terribly secret it works really well. And on any OS with a decent web browser, which is more than some offerings that favour their own...

    6. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Try doing that on Linux Mint!!

      To be fair, the OP is correct, Microsoft OneDrive (either version) has no linux client. I'm pretty sure you could use the online version of Word to 'collaboratory edit' a document on Mint though.

      (Annoyingly, as OneDrive would actually be useful for one of our customers).

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