back to article Post-nuptial BlackBerry gives birth to Good-looking offspring

BlackBerry completed the $425m acquisition of former bitter rival Good and announced the fruit of their loins today. With plenty of overlap between the two, what's been culled? It's hard to know at this stage, but BlackBerry says the new products reflect BlackBerry's strengths in MDM (mobile device management) and Good's …

  1. Keyboard warrior

    Bodes well for the future

    This is a pretty good fit. From what I understand BES12 is providing the MDM capability and Good Dynamics the Good Work container + Apps. I have been testing this and it works seamlessly. Secure Workspace is going away (thank heavens). Once they consolidate the platform (end of year I gather) then we can have single platform for BB10/AfW/Knox/iOS/Win10. Good lord dont tell me supporting devices will become easy

  2. Pedigree-Pete


    Go rise Blackberry. You can shove my replacement iThngy where the sun don't shine. Give me back my Blackberry for work use.

  3. BurnT'offering

    Monsterstein, you may kiss the Bridenstein

    In my wildest nightmares, the good apps on iOS and Android mate with the Blackberry desktop on the Mac. The demonic offspring is Lotus Notes. Oh, the horror

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