back to article Citrix names former Microsoft exec Kirill Tatarinov prez and CEO

Citrix has appointed former Microsoft exec Kirill Tatarinov President and chief executive officer. Tatarinov spent over eight years as President, Executive Vice President, Corporate Vice President Microsoft Business Solutions Division, overseeing Microsoft's Dynamics CRM and ERP businesses. His LinkedIn profile also records …

  1. James Loughner

    Farewell Citrix

    Farewell Citrix sure to go as Nokia went before

    1. TonyJ

      Re: Farewell Citrix

      I've always been a huge fan of Citrix products. I built a career round it for the last twenty years but unless they do something different and do it quickly, they risk fading into an also-ran.

      XenApp doesn't really do anything that RDS can't natively do, beyond perhaps scalability;

      XenDesktop (and VDI in general) in my own opinion has always been a solution looking for a problem;

      XenMobile is bettered by the other alternatives out there on the whole*

      NetScalers are still fantastic pieces of kit but again, competition has largely caught up

      XenServer was a joke - all that investment that they then just spaffed away. VMware is the king and even Hyper-V does things better and has more support

      I'd hate to see them become a footnote in the margins of computing history but they do seem to be heading that way.

      *I will caveat that I haven't used XenMobile recently so I may be wide of the mark here.

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