back to article Oracle's SE2 update the end for some ISVs, says veteran systems firm

Three months after Oracle announced its new Standard Edition 2 (SE2) product, and seven months before it's rolled out as an automatic update for SE and SE 1, a veteran systems company has claimed Ellison's move could be catastrophic for independent software vendors (ISV). SE2 is Oracle's attempt to increase revenue from its …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The sensible, far more secure and far cheaper alternative (unless you need the features of Oracle RAC) is to move to MS SQL Server. I will actively do my best to avoid products these days if they involve anything from Oracle.

    1. mathew42

      If you've ever compared Transact-SQL with PL/SQL then you would understand why people choose Oracle.

  2. Lysenko


    ...are people still using Oracle? Serious question. I mostly do embedded stuff and the higher level analytics don't remotely tax PostgreSQL. I implemented Oracle as an alternate ORM target, but that was just to add a bullet on a data sheet. We've never actually used it.

    MSSQL I can see has attractions if you're developing in Visual Studio, but Oracle? What is its USP these days? Does it trounce Postgres with truly colossal datasets? Or is it mostly market inertia?

  3. nilfs2

    The best database engines are free

    Why on earth are people still paying for databases?

    1. Loud Speaker

      Re: The best database engines are free

      Vendor lock-in of your infrastructure sounds like something you get from very nasty malware. Surely it puts you in the same position as the viruses that encrypt your data and charge to unlock it.

      I cannot see how anyone can justify the risk to their company of NOT using Open Source for infrastructure. Applications and in-house developed are different cases entirely.

      Disclaimer: I have developed commercial solutions with both Oracle and PostgreSQL.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The best database engines are free

      "Why on earth are people still paying for databases?"

      Because zero of our top 100 database applications are actually supported on anything "free"? Where there is a choice it's usually between Oracle and Microsoft. Not to mention that features / functionality on both are vastly superior to any Open Source options. And also because we need SLAs for Database vendor support - which makes nothing "free". Nice idea, but you generally get what you pay for....

  4. Otto is a bear.


    The likes of Oracle and Microsoft sell to CEOs and CFOs who see diversity as cost. Having been in this game for a long time, I wouldn't put your faith in Red Hat or any other popular Open source vendor either, Oracle & Microsoft behaved very differently 30 years ago, when they had to compete on equal terms with other vendors. Although Oracle tended to sell to CEOs even then, where as the likes of Ingres and Sybase were not quite as good.

    Yesterdays Hero, will alway be tomorrow's villain, and the day afters managed decline.

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