Check your MS Store account.

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    Check your MS Store account.


    Back in December 2012 I took MS up on their Windows 8 upgrade for £25 offer from the MS Store. The transaction went fine, and I was able to log into the store to download the software and the key.

    Today however, I'm needing to reinstall the software, so I've logged back into the MS store, and I'm greeted with the following message in my order history:-

    "If you made a purchase before Sep 18, 2012, you may not be seeing your order history or product keys due to recent site changes. If you need to return a product, re-download your software, or access your product keys, please contact us and one of our agents will be happy to help."

    So fair enough, I use the "Contact Us" and give them a call, to be told that they have deleted all history pre Sep 18 2012. Despite my order only being placed 24 December 2012 my history has been deleted, and there is nothing they can do to help me.

    This sucks. I've set my son up with his own MS store account, from which he buys software and games for his PC and Xbox One. Does this mean that at some arbitrary date in future MS will conveniently delete those records of purchase too, the downloads and the activation keys?

    So if any of you have a MS Store account, have a look-see, you might find your history for valid products has been deleted. Oops!

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  3. Aqua Marina

    "They must still have details of your purchase..."

    Was something I tried explaining to them, but I was simply told that they had "deleted all history pre Sep 18 2012".

    I went round and round having circular arguments with 3 different departments, 2 of which couldn't understand why I was relying on the MS Store as a database of purchases and activation keys.

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