Employer Recognised Web Development Training

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    Employer Recognised Web Development Training


    I wonder if the El Reg community can help me out. I need to get some training for web development (that is, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and a database, probably MySQL) that has a bit of paper at the end of it that employers would recognise as a decent qualification to do the job.

    Can anyone here advise me on what types of accreditation exist that are employer recognised, so I can track down a suitable course? I've done searches online and there is a lot of stuff out there, but I can't tell which ones would be respected, and which ones are effectively meaningless junk.

    I'm in the East Dorset / West Hampshire area, if anyone has any good suggestions for specific courses.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ian J.

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    1. Novex


      To answer your question, I'm looking for both the training and the piece of paper.

      But, I've always felt that visible experience is more important than a piece of paper from some kind of education and training, and I had until recently been trying to train myself via books and using my own website/server. However, for various reasons I wasn't able to complete that and as I've been unemployed a while I'm getting the third degree from the DWP. One of the things they're now finally coming round to is my skills shortage and have asked me to look up courses that they might (only might) be able to fund, and the web development looks the most obvious thing to follow up.

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    1. Novex

      My view is much the same as yours, and in an ideal world I'd be working for myself with either contracting or freelancing as my main income sources. I feel an 'official qualification' means little to employers too, but as I have to look at direct employment at the moment then I have to do as I'm told.

  4. Novex
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    1. Novex

      I can see it's pretty quiet here. As I posted at the weekend, I wanted to give the question a little more air, so wondered if a bump might help.

  6. wolfetone

    In all the web development jobs I've had, I've only ever been asked for examples of previous work and whether or not I have a University Degree. I don't have a degree, I never went to uni, and that has shut the door on a few jobs. But they were for the likes of KPMG, and the older I've become the more I think that I'm happier not working for Big Corp. Inc, so when I see a job asking for degrees I skip past them.

    The jobs where they've liked my previous work have tended to give me a test to do first. Some say it's to see how I work, some say it's just to gauge my skills. But the jobs where they say the latter it's often been bullshit and it's just to see if I get the questions right or not.

    The way I learnt web development languages was by teaching myself and building various projects. You will never stop learning when you're in a job such as web development because the technology moves on. Depending on the place you work will affect this too, as some companies like to be on the bleeding edge of technology whereas some like to be right behind the curve. In either case it's up to you to train yourself to keep your skills up to scratch.

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