back to article Citrix buys System Center control freak, sells CloudPlatform

Citrix has offloaded its CloudPlatform products to Accelerite, bought Comtrade's System Center Operations Manager management packs and tweaked some of its software. The sale first: Accelerite is a subsidiary of India's Persistent Systems, a software-developer-for-hire that created Accelerite to sell products instead of …

  1. TonyJ Silver badge

    On the one hand, good...we've been missing good monitoring packs from/for Citrix for far too long now unless we've been able to convince customers to spend an absolute fortune on Comtrade products.

    Of course on the other hand we'll have to wait and see if they bake them back into the product as a 'free' addition or if they still want to charge stupid amounts of money...and unfortunately right at this moment I reckon it's more likely to be the latter.

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Yup, they'll make you pay.

    Any takers that Citrix will buy something cloudy in, say, the next 18 months?

  3. Shugyosha

    Included with Platinum

    The management packs will be included in a XD Platinum license, according to the E-mail I received from Comtrade yesterday, just after we spent AU$80K with Comtrade...

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