back to article Barracuda Networks: I see revenues rise, but cloud's a blight...

Barracuda's revenue streams are up slightly, both annually and sequentially, and the storage and cloud-connected security company's net loss also shrank sequentially as William "BJ" Jenkins's team got to grips with the business. Revenues for its 2015 third quarter were $80.1m, 13.8 per cent more than the year-ago $70.4m, and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Poor product, no respect for customers..

    Barracuda has a hardware company mentality, where they do everything possible to force customers to buy new tin. Simple things such as removing the ability to use external storage - thanks, but no thanks.

  2. graeme leggett

    not that impressed with their SMB offerings

    Their smallest email/virus box is rated - by them - at 100 users. But it doesn't come with the extras (Outlook plugin, on device quarantine) that the 300 user box does.

    The AV and spam scoring settings are mostly unconfigurable by the administrator. So even if you see a pattern of spam coming in, there's little you can do until Barracuda itself cottons on and changes the signatures.

    Thanks for hearing me grumble, you've been a great audience.

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