back to article Storage suppliers: Who reached for the stars, who burned up in orbit?

Winners, losers, refugees, death, near-death, and a miraculous recovery ... all these were things that characterised the year for storage suppliers in 2015. They experienced earthquake-level changes as the movement of tectonic storage plates like flash, the cloud, server-based storage and activist investors shook old assumptions …

  1. Koja

    Dear Chris,

    thanks for the great summary.

    I'm just surprised that you didn't mentioned Huawei as a very solid Challenger by Gartner with their attempts to make a breakthrough outside of Asia market.


  2. andrewflint

    Great article. 2015 had a lot of surprises. We see 2016 shaping up to be more stable with gradual, evolutionary progress rather than dramatic one-time events. In the storage industry, ioFABRIC's prediction is that those that survive 2016 will have learned to do more with less by extending hardware life. Dramatic action is not needed--just smart software that works in your existing infrastructure. I wonder if NetApp and Dell are happy with their acquisitions.

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