back to article Storage in 2016: Could abandonware claims come to the fore?

Predictions are a mug’s game ... the trick is to keep them as non-specific as possible and not name names ... so here are mine! What is the future for storage in the enterprise? Well, 2016 is going to pan out to be an interesting year. There are company integrations and mergers to complete with more to come so I hear, and …

  1. Cirdan

    Aw, rats! And I clicked to see if...

    ... the storage would come with late eighties / early nineties PC games.

    Naïvité, to be sure, wearing rose-coloured glasses ;-)


  2. razorfishsl

    Except microsoft ... who have just announced ANOTHER price increase by taking your storage on asure 'local' rather than global......

  3. CheesyTheClown

    Storage will bottom out

    Storage hardware vendors are boring, expensive, messy and obsolete.

    SMB/NFS file servers on Linux or Windows with scale out are faster, cheaper and more reliable.

    Object storage runs as a service on top of an OS. Integrating it in a SAN is just plain stupid. Programmers just need a REST API. Object storage dates to around 1984 with Apple's nasty, horrible forked file system. Object storage currently has a similar problem ... lack of support for archiving objects (think zip or stuffit)... therefore, it will likely not go mainstream outside of "Applications" in the Openstack sense for a while.

    We're heading back to a time when storage will just be a standard part of any server OS. Hardware vendors like NetApp and Dell/EMC will be old news.

    That said, the "storage experts" I train insist nothing can ever be as good as fibrechannel... They have no idea how anything else (or even) FC works, but they know FC is faster and better.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Storage will bottom out

      Ethernet can be less costly than FC. That is certainly what the large cloud players (Google, AWS, Microsoft) are doing. I think what people neglect is that these players are not running Cisco ethernet networks. Difficult to see how you will save a bunch of cash by running a ton of Cisco Nexus ports instead of FC ports. If you white box network switches, then it isn't difficult to see.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Storage will bottom out

        people don't buy Nexus to save money.

        1. Naselus

          Re: Storage will bottom out

          People don't buy anything Cisco to save money.

  4. Mellipop


    I do not understand why all storage doesn't just expose data as W3C protocols? WebDAV gives us filing, Now there is Streams API.

    We need to get away from scrabbling around in OS tainted platforms and treat the cloud as it actually is. The internet.

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