back to article Spooks, spyware, Ashley Madison and Windows 10: What you read in 2015

The last 365 days (give or take) have produced more than 11,000 articles on The Register. We covered the biggest tech purchase in history (Dell/EMC for $67bn), the trashing of the US-European Union safe harbour data export deal by European judges, the Ashley Madison hack, and, well, so much more. Big subjects, but what actually …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Apart from being a great Album (by Yes) this

    Then came Erik Meijer, who has worked on C# and Visual Basic in addition to other critical elements of Microsoft's .NET, and who slammed the exceptionally fashionable Agile as a “cancer", adding that we "talk too much about code, we don’t write enough code". Others disagreed.

    Was spot on. Having a 1 hour meeting involving 6 people to talk about the wording of a comment is NOT an agile methodology. This is a true example.

    As for Windows 10, the less said the better. MS is still pushing that KB. They just won't give up will they.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fr(agile)

      "They just won't give up will they."

      ...but the users will - and they will go elsewhere.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. gerdesj Silver badge

      ~100 articles per day? Really?

      1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

        Counting commentards comments as 'articles' its probably close.

        1. Steve Aubrey


          "It's", not "its".

          Unless you were wanting to bump the count to make your own point . . .

      2. GBE

        No, the other "articles"

        You misunderstood.

        When they count "articles" they're counting words like "a" "the" and "an".

        Because that's how the real pros measure journalistic output.

  3. Adam 1

    I'm surprised by that list to be honest. Not a tree with an ear in sight? Nor anything VW? Talk Talk? Encryption backdoors? Is a server in Ireland under US law? Jeep? Stagefright? Sony vs the Norks? Tax avoidance? Data retention? Stupid things done by [insert IOT device name]? Google cars doing or not doing something they should or should not be doing? Truecrypt? Rockets landing or spectacularly not landing? TOR at public libraries?

    Many of those topics were spread over weeks as new information came out as opposed to a single article so dilutes the figures no doubt.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's not how it works ...

      These were our eight most read articles in 2015. We are not aggregating articles by topic here.

  4. chivo243 Silver badge

    Is a paragraph

    with X amount of links really an article, or is it a digest? Constipated readers want know ;-} Is a short blurb flogging your own gear or plugging your own event counted as an article?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Is a paragraph

      The answer is self-evident, surely?

  5. Danny 2 Silver badge

    Who won the XKCD ticket?

    Did the winning cartoon for the XKCD competition ever get published here? I'm still working on mine, it should be ready for the next time he releases a book.

    Want to feel young? The Wii is only ten years old. It feels like my Mariokarts record has stood for far longer than that.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And a double big thanks must go to...

    The Reg army of commentards whose pithy replies, cutting insights, mature approach, watertight arguments and humble attitude make this site the bastion of IT coolness we know it to be.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: And a double big thanks must go to...

      Yeah, your mum.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great work

    Don't want to sound cheesy but your team do fantastic work. I read so much Reg and have become so accustomed to the irreverence that I often forget to switch back to normal mode. On BBC or Guardian I find myself looking for humour, innuendo or sarcasm where there is none.

    Ignore the negatude and keep on trucking

    1. MrTuK

      Register Addict

      Yup I am an addict and enjoy most articles and those with the most interest I comment on. Here's to Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year, Except MS, NSA and GSGQ and not forgetting all the F**K*** idiots in the UK Gov for spying on all of us whether we deserve it or not, Hopefully PRESTON will catch you doing something you shouldn't with that Donkey you call a Mascot and Blackmail you for the rest of your lives. I am appalled at the takeup of MS WIN 10, with all its data slurping which cannot be blocked due to hardcoded locations and the apparent ease to which you are able to force users onto you next OS without much hostility from the masses but just a few techies with. I am not sure how long we can hold out but Linux is certainly becoming more and more tempting as the days roll on.

      Ah well its funny to see the non-techie majority forcing the actual techies down a road they do not want to go !

      Soon you wont be able to build a custom PC as that's not want MS want, just buy from an unintelligent White Box shifter and will that Laptop/Desktop be in Black, or Black or maybe even in Black, sorry Sir that's all that we get these days !

      1. Danny 2 Silver badge

        Re: Register Addict

        "Linux is certainly becoming more and more tempting"

        You kind of have to know both MS and a Unix variant if you want to call yourself a techie, and that's been true for thirty years. If you just know one in depth then you can call yourself a technologist, but 'techie' implies a 'jack of all trades' able to field any daft question from a newbie. You can block Win10 data-slurping if you know how to modify your router.

        Can I test my Sherlock skillz out on you? Are you a British born and bred citizen but with a parent from the middle-east? Your hogmanay greeting seems mixed race. My Afghan, Iranian and Iraqi pals always wish me a 'successful and prosperous' New Year, whereas my inbred British pals never mention prosperous and stick solely to happiness. It's either that or you're more of a Trekker than a Whovian.

  8. oneeye

    keep up the good work

    Just wanted to say thanks,and have a Happy,Productive New-year!

    Though I only read #1 from the list, I enjoy this site more than any others I visited last year. But I spend most of my time on security,business,hardware,than any other topics.

  9. s. pam
    Thumb Down

    If El Reg had any cajones......

    You'd have taken aim at Adobe Flash and the scourge of the interweb it truly is!

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