The OS and does it matter

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    The OS and does it matter

    Ok, I've been mulling it over for quite a while now and I'm wondering if the OS really matters and if not, can we cast it aside. Sure the OS gives us some nice things but on the other side of the coin with things like containers and virtualization is it really relevant? Way back in the day, the oldsters among us will remember, heavy duty software essentially pushed DOS aside and had it wait in the corner while it basically ran the hardware hard and put it away wet only to call DOS back when it was finished. Granted it was shit for multitasking but remember this was a simpler time on simpler hardware.

    With that said, given the current state of hardware virutalization (and intrusive OS BS) it seems to me that this is becoming a more rational thing to do for the more expensive software from heavy duty user-centric CAD and FEA to backend ERP and security applications. I've got a feeling much of the current lightweight desktop stuff can either get it's own VM or be browser based perhaps on the proverbial 'thin client' which is just a modern term for another throwback concept.

    Since most of you lot are far more adept at this stuff than I, I'd like to get your take. Does it make sense to virtualize applications on a uniform hyperviser and sacrifice the current concept of operating systems on the altar of unreal goodness?

    Oh yes I almost forgot, a Jolly Ho Ho to all.

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