back to article The week before Xmas ... not a creature was stirring – except Nutanix finally filing for its IPO

Some big news in the hyper-converged storage world today amid the pre-Christmas lull. How can we say this? Nutanix? Noo-tanix? Nutan-icks? Either way, the hyper-converged storage upstart has finally filed the necessary paperwork to get its stock-market debut underway. The San Jose-based biz today gave US financial watchdog …

  1. Captain DaFt

    Nutanix? Noo-tanix? Nutan-icks?

    "Nut-a-nix"? As in "No balls allowed"?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And it starts....

    Hard to see how this has a happy ending. How long can these startups maintain huge losses with no profitability in the forecast? Was IPO the only option to raise cash?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hyper converged market size

    Only one billion compared to converged system if everything is correct. Too many players in this space ---- Nutanix, Simplivity, EVAL:RAILs and all kinds of whiteboxs

  4. Jerome_Lecat

    While some continue talking about a potential ‘tech bubble,’ the NetApp and Solidfire acquisition, as well as Nutanix’s recent IPO announcement, show that startups continue to create real value for their shareholders. Specifically, these exits bode well for Scality, as they show the level of disruption in the storage space. While in traditional IT, storage is split between SAN and NAS, in the digital age, storage is really either in the form of Cloud Storage, or on-premise storage, with on-premise storage being split between latency sensitive storage (like Solidfire and Nutanix) and capacity driven storage (like Scality). In the huge transformation which is touching almost every sector of the economy, enterprise are buying less of traditional IT, and more of the new technologies, be it all-flash or software-defined storage. Those who continue to whisper about another dot-com bubble have short memory. In the dot-com days, companies were highly valued with just a business plan, today's unicorns have real customers and real revenues. A big difference.

    – Jérôme Lecat, Scality CEO

    1. Bcraig

      Real customers with real revenue...and real expenses\losses. I'm not a financial genius, but at some point the Unicorns have to start showing profits. Or be acquired. VC cash is not an endless stream, even they want to see a return on investment. Of the Unicorns out there I see none of them putting out projections on profitability. All of them say they "the biggest disruptor of the traditional storage industry", not all can be right. The coming year should be interesting!

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