back to article Walking away from VirtuStream is the right thing for VMware to do

News that VMware has bailed from VirtuStream, the hybrid cloud joint venture it struck with EMC, should come as a relief to VMware users and those contemplating its cloudy offerings. VMware knows it won't ever reach the scale of Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google's cloud. It instead positioned itself as hybrid cloud provider …

  1. Big Wiggle

    Perhaps its time for VMware to consider giving vSphere away. Not just ESXi, but vCenter as well. It doesn't need to be the Enterprise Plus version vSphere, but there needs to be enough there get companies to use vSphere as that on ramp to the cloud as the article mentions. VMware can make it's money with all the cloud tie ins and it's portfolio of products that support or extend the capabilities of vSphere.

  2. umouklo

    I don't understand this article. Merging vCloud air with Virtustream in no way negatively impacts vCloud air. The thing VS brings to the table is deep enterprise experience. For example, VS has far better SAP production experience then the competitors. vCloud air and VS together would have better economy of scale ...

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