back to article 'MySQL of object storage' Minio: Any user, any dev, any scale... really?

One of the most interesting meetings I had this week (during an IT press tour of Silicon Valley) was with Minio. I also heard from the founder of the company, AB Periasamy, who has some really interesting ideas, and outlined his vision of “object storage for everyone”. Object storage for the rest of us Minio is working on …

  1. Justin Clift

    Minio devs are very talented

    The Minio dev's are a talented bunch. I worked with several of them when they were doing Gluster stuff. Minio definitely cherry picked some of the best Gluster people. ;)

  2. Chris Hexter

    Anyone else reminded of the panasonic 3DO logo when seeing the article header image? :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I didn't read the article ...

    ... But "object storage" caught my attention. We've always had object storage. The objects were called files or database records.

    i don't really care who manages the object... The server or the storage array ... Doesnt matter.

    Let's come up with some new way of addressing the object - to address new needs. Fine.

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