back to article Confirmed: Turnbull's Innovation Agenda recycles old education programs

When Vulture South read the Australian government's new National Innovation and Science Agenda, especially ”Embracing The Digital Age section on school education's contribution to innovation, we were struck by how some of its tactics seemed familiar. The nation's Department of Education has now confirmed to us that some parts …

  1. Pompous Git Silver badge

    And around and around we go.

    Many years ago this kind of shite used to make me dizzy. Now I'm an old fart, not so much...

    1. dan1980

      The problem is that it's detrimental not just to people trying to enter the work-force but people already in it because if we don't have a good pool of local candidates in these industries then the jobs end up moving overseas.

      That often happens due to cost anyway but we need to encourage them by showing that the local talent is world-class.

      1. DiViDeD Silver badge

        Actually, in the new Turnbull era Brave New World, that would be 'world class and prepared to work for a bowl of rice every other day'.

  2. Colin Tree

    Best and Brightest

    "Best and Brightest" sounds a lot like sourcing foreign workers to fill IT positions.

    "Stem and startups fever is starting to bubble" - so I just licensed one of my recent inventions as Creative Commons Non-commercial Share-alike, to make sure it doesn't get stolen by some smart ass, fascist, little opportunist, but it's free for DIYers to share and tweek - eeYZee router.

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