back to article CTERA Networks offers up in-cloud server backup

Cloud storage gateway startup CTERA Networks now has an enterprise file services platform to protect server data across any cloud infrastructure, presented as part of a cloud server data protection offering. This makes us think of EMC's Spanning and Datto's Backupify products, also part of in-cloud data protection engines. …

  1. Jeff Denworth

    (not) at your service

    Thanks Chris.

    As for the data restoration charges - unlike the Spannings and Backupifys - we don't operate this as a service but rather provide the tools for customers to run our platform as a Storage-as-a-Service system within their VPN, on their own private IaaS rig... much more secure than a 3rd party shared SaaS service. It's also more affordable for restores: so long as the data is backed up and recovered in the same cloud that the applications are operating in... then there's no egress charges. If you restore across clouds or across availability zones within a cloud provider... this is where the I/O charges kick in.


    Jeff Denworth

    SVP, Marketing • CTERA

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