back to article Microsoft's full-fat E5 Office 365 plan with phone extras goes live

Microsoft's new high-end Office 365 plan, E5, has gone live with pricing around 50 per cent higher than the existing E3 plan, which remains available. E3 costs $20 (£14.70) per user per month, whereas E5 is $35.00 (£21.80), a bigger price differential for US users. What's the difference? E5 is a superset of E3, so both plans …

  1. AbortRetryFail

    Hosted email

    So good, you mentioned it twice. :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Hosted email

      Hosed Email

      Fixed it for you.

    2. dogged

      Re: Hosted email

      Lamarr -You said "rape" twice.

      Thug - I like rape.

  2. Stu 18

    We've had office 365 personal for a couple of years.

    We don't use onedrive because it is useless, it couldn't relaibly sync anything and was extremely slow even though we have fibre at home. Went back to dropbox. As far as I can tell features keep disappearing instead of being improved. e.g. there used to be a images and drawings repository for publisher. Now nothing.

    Very unlikely to 'go cloud' at work, we simply don't have people working at internet cafe's and can do all the collaboration we want with other tools on their laptops or tablets if we want to take the productivity hit of not using a keyboard.

  3. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

    What about those who barely use MSO

    Slurpping data and money both, what deal. Slurp needs Office36? to be a success. But who is its target market, not enterprise, SOHO and SMBs. Generally, a market that can mostly use a version about two or three releases back based on the features they need. Other than security updates, what is the killer feature this group needs? In fact I suspect most enterprise users would do quite well on the same versions.

    Software subscriptions will force people to pick an choose which software they are willing shell out for every month. Many are not in the mode for Slurp to have a hand in their pockets. The return is too meager to justify the expense.

  4. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "There are additional security features. E5 "Advanced Security" includes Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Exchange Online, with behavioral malware analysis and blocking and tracing of malicious links in emails. ATP is also available as an add-on for other plans."

    This wonderful offer brought to you by the company whose Hotmail/Live/Outlook/NameOfTheWeek service leaks spam pretending to be from themselves. This really is something they should be on top of if for no other reason that they're tolerating infringement of their own trademarks.

    1. dogged

      > Hotmail/Live/Outlook/NameOfTheWeek leaks spam

      Have you ever tried reporting spam to a Hotmail/Live/Outlook/NameOfTheWeek admin?

      They are all over it like a bad rash, and vengeful too. I strongly suspect that there's a financial bonus for splatting a spammer, nothing else quite explains their enthusiasm for it.

  5. steamnut

    All eggs in one basket? No Way!

    After numerous complete Azure/365 outages (including one this week), why would anyone stump up yet more money (ok it is a bit different) for this package?

    I would want a compensation clause of £100 per minute (there are only 4 of us here, others may want/need more) before even considering it? If their system is that good then where is the risk to M$?

    Until the the licence starts to offer some tangible safeguards against M$'s systems failing, putting your whole business in their cloud is sheer lunacy.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    New! Microsoft Lock-in 365 ..

    "Microsoft handles your security so you don’t have to. Now you have even more control with increased privacy"

    'Microsoft may need to disclose data without your prior consent'

    isn't there a way of storing your data in the 'Cloud' without some third party having access to your secret keys?

    1. Jasen

      Re: New! Microsoft Lock-in 365 ..

      Sure, encrypt the files via some other method (PGP, Windows File Encryption, etc) before uploading them.

  7. joed

    I'd like to know some details

    Like who keeps the keys to per file encryption - the link was not technical enough. I surely did not backup recovery key from my W8 tablet (if only because it'd require me to setup MS account).

    While I can see everyone on MS side feeling like in a glass house where you're being watched all the time, at some admin level you are in control, plain and simple. And the data is siting and waiting 24/7, it's just likely that they don't care (neither to do good or evil). Also, this customer granting access = he/she clicks OK because what's the choice once you can't reach your data.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Always remember

    You don't own cloud software. You lease it.

    And if it is free, you are the product.

  9. gobaskof Silver badge

    Just rubbish

    Work has office 365 and it truly sucks. Being a turbo nerd I never touch word processors (LaTeX baby!!) and I run Linux, so I admit I am not their target audience. We run our email through 365, and the web client is far worse than even the old outlook web interface. Word online is a joke, 3-4 times I have needed to edit a document someone sent me and every time it has just thrown an error message about unsupported features or the file being too big. What is the point of a cloud office if it supports office features worse then open office. Utterly pathetic.

    1. dogged

      Re: Just rubbish

      > Work has office 365 and it truly sucks. Being a turbo nerd I never touch word processors (LaTeX baby!!) and I run Linux


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