back to article Are CIOs condemned to 'interesting' times in 2016?

Whether you believe in five year plans, or think forecasting for 2016 is something best done next January, we all should have some feel for how next year is going to pan out. The group of IT execs we got around a table last month were mostly positive about next year, not only expecting budgets to go up, but that the work next …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh Dear... Managing by GitHub


    Indeed, one of our IT execs shared a new technique of “managing by Gitub”, looking at comments on the code commits.

    Really? And this is a measure of what exactly?

    So I'm expected to spend all my time looking at and commenting on code commits then? Just when do you think that I will have time to do my real job?

    This sounds like a site that claimed to use Agile. It was anything but. There was even voting on changes to code comments. Not the code but the wording of the comments. Really.

    buzzwords gone mad or PHB heaven.

  2. Charles Manning

    CIO is now a mature position

    In the past, IT was magic stuff. To be a CIO all you had to have was the desire to put on a suite and claim fat cheque while the BOFHs did all the hard work. Any cock ups could be blamed on fast changing and unpredictable technology.

    Now that the tech is largely stabilised, and the people you deal with (ie. VPs and boards) are getting a grip on how IT works, it is harder to just bullshit your way through your job. Competence vs incompetence is getting obvious. Hopefully that means many of the people who just used bullshit to secure their position will be flushed out and eliminated.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Spooky Grand Master Class Masterclasses for Great Game Prose Professionals*

    Indeed, one of our IT execs shared a new technique of “managing by Gitub”, looking at comments on the code commits.

    Round other tables and circles, and El Reg could easily be such a vaunted vault, are real virtual worlds management techniques shared, looking at code in comments submitted.

    And there is certainly a hierarchy of levels of deep and dark web understanding which supernaturally separates and effectively identifies and classifies the haves and the have nots in respective and relative fields of entangling engagement and quantum communication, where a this can be a that and something else quite different and novel altogether, and designedly thoroughly disruptive right through to its every core too.

    The top secret for unbridled success and future leading progression is delivered in the right free choice in making IT a masterful tool of creation or destruction, good or evil, and here be a timely treatise on the matter …….. The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work

    Enjoy. :-) Steganography Reigns with Poe’s Law Rules ‽ . :-)

    * Would you choose to deny that Shared Words Create Command and Control Worlds, with some being constructive, and too many propagated on and hosted in media, destructive. But then Man is not the sharpest tool in the box, is he? And the mainstream and media moguls have a lot to answer for too then, methinks, with their editorial support and constant leading of folk down the garden path to nowhere special and enlightening and delightful.


  4. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    On a clear day you can see the Cloud

    "Although you can see Cloud as a form of outsourcing that is fast burning up inhouse ITops jobs"

    Once you've moved to the 'Cloud', who is going to configure and update your eCommerce platform. All you get is a virtual PC instead of a real one in some rackspace farm.

    'one of our IT execs shared a new technique of “managing by Gitub”, looking at comments on the code commits'

    One time I worked with someone like that, fluttered from company to company until he got found out, currently is describing himself as an former engineer over on Linkedin.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Future is Surely Never Ever like the Past. Prepare for a Radical Fundamental Change of Order

    Although you can see Cloud as a form of outsourcing that is fast burning up inhouse ITops jobs

    If the whole unadulterated, unmitigated truth be told, Dominic, can one see Cloud as a phorm of outsourcing too, being prize overphished by both desperate fat cats and thin clients. And IT has its dark and deep rich pools, an infinite abundance of virtual solutions for realised problems and ongoing difficulties exacerbated in emerging APT ACT vectors.

    But security is also growing, to the extent that a joke doing the rounds of ITExecs doing interviews is “if you’re a decent security bod, why do you need to look for a job”.

    Cloud spend is heading for the sky, going from basically zero to a good pecentage of the whole IT spend.

    Competent Cloud security and fail-safe virtual protection pricing is also intelligently designed to be sky high, with those basically investing a good percentage of their whole IT spend on the best systems of SCADA Operational Administration Protection, the ones, which may be more than just a chosen few, guaranteed to succeed and prosper inordinately.

    Methinks though that is much more likely to be The Big Brother Story of 2016 causing disruption and forcing change to markets in mayhem and trading madly and badly.

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