back to article MSFT boffins bust mobile data bottlenecks with iOS app

Microsoft Research boffins in Singapore and India have put up a novel idea: an app designed to identify where a smartphone's downloads are suffering and route around the problem without bothering the network operator. The researchers reckon the mobile network has forgotten one of the prime directives of the Internet: to route …

  1. ntevanza

    We all know that feeling

    'On a congested last hope, the researchers say, latency will be high'

  2. Anonymous Coward

    IOS app?

    Even MSFT staff can't be bothered closing the app gap on Windoze mobile. Epic fail.

    1. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge

      Re: IOS app?

      It was probably the Singapore team who drove the platform

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: IOS app?

      Even MSFT staff can't be bothered closing the app gap on Windoze mobile

      So what? Nobody else does, so why should they?

  3. N13L5

    IOS app

    This is hilarious...

    Useful app for sure.

    Please make one for Android next.

    Then, later, you can get Android apps working on Windoze mobile and everybody can use it.

    Microsoft really only can get beyond Gartner's recent estimates if they first get Android apps running and then upstage Android by making their own Windoze apps more useful than the respective Android apps.

    Yeah, that's a very long shot, but who knows, they did make One Note...


    Microsoft's main issue is this:

    1) it takes them 3 versions to get something right.

    2) since ~2007, they abandon everything before ever getting to the 3rd version.

    That means no new usable software is coming out of Microsoft anymore

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