1. Bill Fresher

    Black Friday

    I would get the odd email from places I'd shopped online and I didn't mind.

    In fact sometimes there'd be something I'd decide to buy.

    But f-ing Black Friday shows up and I've had two emails a day for days before and days after.

    So now I've hit the unsubscribe link on all these Black Friday spammers and they've forever lost my casual custom.


    1. Sokolik

      Re: Black Friday

      My understanding: "unsubscribe"-- as the annoyance hopes-- verifies your continued presence and just encourages the annoyance to send more stuff. The best practice is-- whether email in browser or email in client-- to filter anything with the annoyance's address thus bypassing the Intray and tossing it directly into the dustbin. But that's just one guy's understanding.

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