back to article Android Studio 2.0 preview gives developers instant preview of code changes

Google has released Android Studio 2.0 Preview, a major update to its IDE for developing Android applications. The feature was announced on Monday at the Android Developer Summit in Mountain View, Google's home town. Developers can download the new IDE here. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, a popular Java IDE. Google …

  1. Alan Bourke

    I haven't dabbled in Android development

    since 2010. Is the phone emulator still murderously slow?

    1. AceRimmer

      Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

      Obligatory xkcd reference

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

        No, on Intel hardware HAX makes it useable of you really must run ARM (NDK), and there are native x86 android builds that run at native speed for the most of us.

        If someone says its too slow, they are a clueless newb.

        1. Diogenes

          Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

          Yep that might work if the machines are no locked down with the appropriate BIOS setting diabled - even so - Genymotion works a lot faster on my home machine than the native emulator even running HAX

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

      No, they improved it to painfully slow.

    3. Old Tom

      Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

      It's pretty easy to use a real device.

      1. DaLo

        Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

        If you happen to have 20 Android devices covering tablets, phones, watches, a car stereo etc lying around on your desk, then it's pretty easy. If you happen to want to try lots of different screen sizes and configurations then the emulator is required.

    4. Tom 7 Silver badge

      Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

      Put it this way - its quicker for me to get in the car and drive the 5 windy country miles to the pub to pick up my phone and have a pint then drive back than it is to use the emulator rather than the phone for a few code changes.

      My development machine has 64gigaflops or something and its quicker to plug the phone in to the monitor and use that to develop than the Android development IDE.


      *like YIMV but in inches.

    5. curi0s1

      Re: I haven't dabbled in Android development

      Despite what others have said here, there is a way to really speed up the emulator. Use the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager if you're running on x86, as detailed at

  2. Irongut Silver badge

    From my experience of Android dev tools...

    What Google says: The Android emulator is now faster!

    What Google means: We upgraded our dev machines since the last time we used the emulator.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      As I said, load of nebs.

      X86 android has existed for 4 years now. Lightening quick

  3. Diogenes

    Genymotion instead of native emulator

    Genymotion works much better. My students can actually make a code change & test at least thrice a period, instead of once providing they fire up Genymotion before they start Andorid Studio. They now believe me when I talk about the "good old days" where we desk checked everything a few times before submitting a test job on the mainframe. (2 runs a day if we were lucky) and actually started doing the same (deskchecking and code reviews - that is)

    I must be doing something wrong - I can't get the new build to get past the splash screen or remember the poxy settings - oh well. will wait a few days and try again

  4. LucreLout

    I like it....

    ....I know that won't sit well with the cool kids, its worth a lot more than it costs. Is it as good as Visual Studio? No, but then nothing else is.

    The emulator works on my old 4GB i3 lappy, but would definitely benefit from more memory being available. And yes, it could be faster - but given the range of devices its possible to emulate, I think its a very credible product.

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