looking for a new phone but ccant find one

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  1. psychonaut

    looking for a new phone but cant find one

    hi fellow comentards, hope you are well.

    i cant find a new phone. ive spent hours looking. the recent penchant for static batteries and no sd card slots has me beat.

    i actually dont mind if i can replace the battery with a bit of unscrewing

    my note 4 is f**ked. i dont think i want a replacement note 4 because of all the trouble ive had with it. the speakerphone and call quality is bloody awful. everything else i love about it. but as its a phone....no dice. i think this may be an issue with the note 4 as opposed to me being unlucky. (thought on this appreciated too)

    im on vodafone.

    i dont care how much it costs, i need a phone that:

    is at least 5.2"

    has an sd slot of at least 128gb

    has a massive and removable battery (ok, not that massive. dont send me links of 1980's satchel wearing yuppies with a handset coming out). and before you ask, it needs to be removable because i can easily fuck a battery to within half of its life within a year (as it were, yuk yuk fnarr fnarr). i need to be able to buy a new one and bung it in at least once before my contract ends and i get a new phone

    has a really good camera (dont care about front faing selfie camera)

    has 4g

    probably dont need to mention the below but

    has gps

    has wifi

    has 4g

    has a fingerprint sensor

    would like:

    android, could consider windows...(aargh i dont believe i just said that)

    water resistant / proof - bit tricky with removable battery i suppose...could drop this

    any suggestions please? gsm arena shows me zero phones (except the note 4)

    1. psychonaut

      Re: looking for a new phone but cant find one


    2. Vimes

      Re: looking for a new phone but cant find one

      LG G4?

      1. Roq D. Kasba

        Re: looking for a new phone but cant find one

        Yep, sounds like you described an LG G4

        1. Known Hero

          Re: looking for a new phone but cant find one

          Or basically any of the Sony Xperia Range, minus the removable battery, But you get waterproof in return.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sales Droid

    Have you sent this to one or two sales droids?

    Desperate, motivated and possibly a chance they'll listen... maybe.


    The only phone that's grabbed my attention is the new blackberry Android.

    Unfortunately the battery is not removable.

  3. Seajay#

    Removable battery has been on my wish list for my last couple of phones but I haven't been able to find one with it that also ticks the other boxes. It's just one of those things you have to come to accept, they can make a thinner and sturdier phone without it and that's what the market wants.

    10AH[*] external batteries are pretty cheap, just get one of those.

    * 10,000 mA seems to be the conventional way of writing it but that's silly.

  4. huahuoa

    Huawei R9? And if you want to transfer data from your old phone to the new one, you can use mobile phone transfer program now.

  5. Baldy50

    Zanco Fly?


    Obviously not what your after but interesting how small these things can be made now, couldn’t find out if it has 'vibrate on silent'!

    My first thought after reading the article, some prisoner suddenly starting to moan and lose interest in the conversation.

  6. waltercarroll


    Now cast mobile content on a big screen through Google Cast feature of Android TV and enjoy your favorite videos and photos.

  7. sheikhsadiq

    You probably choose within Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 7 Plus, because of these are amazing devices.

    What do you say..?

  8. sarahallenapp

    I suggest you to go with LG G4, which matches your requirements and I've hands-on exp on this phone it is very good both in built quality and operating wise. Except the leather back cover everything is good with LG.

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  10. psychonaut

    hi guys, thanks for this. id forgotten id posted it actually, hence the no response....

    im sticking with my note 4. theres nothing else out there even now

  11. jamescarton

    Motorola Z or Motorola Force is the best phone why you do not try the Motorola phone in my good experience about Motorola.

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