back to article 600,000 cable modems have an easy to pop backdoor in a backdoor

Security bod Bernardo Rodrigues has found a backdoor-within-a-backdoor affecting some 600,000 Arris cable modems. The broadband kit company said, in a statement to El Reg, that it is working "around the clock" to fix the problems. Rodrigues (@bernardomr), a vulnerability tester with Brazil's Globo television network, reported …

  1. tony2heads

    a backdoor in a backdoor

    Shouldn't that be called a cat-flap?


    Yo dawg, I heard you liked backdoors, so I put a backdoor in your backdoor

    1. psychonaut

      Re: a backdoor in a backdoor

      you iz so hot i wanna put an elephant flap in yaw bakdaw ladyz

  2. psychonaut

    ihe chiptune is Toilet Story 5, by Ghidorah.

    quality name

  3. tskears

    Backdoor Squared

    Does anyone believe that the uninformed masses in the various government buildings around the world that are lobbying for backdoors in everything read news articles like this?

    Put a backdoor in anything and someone who shouldn't have access will find it. And the bad guys will just go to using One Time Pads.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This type of gross negligence by a manufacturer should result in serious fines to deter such poor decisions.

  5. unitron

    Which models?

    I'm sure the bad guys already know, so maybe warn the rest of us?

  6. Sven Coenye

    Good thing then...

    ... that Comcast resets theirs to 'password' every time they issue a reset command to the modem :-/

  7. x 7

    so where are these used? Which countries? I've never heard of "Arris" - how big are they?

    1. unitron

      Arris is the name getting slapped on Motorola cable modems (and probably some other stuff, like set top boxes and such as well) these days.

      Which doesn't really help unless someone specifies *which* models are at risk.

      Sherlock, because I guess we have to do our own detective work to find out if we're in any danger or not.

  8. elljay75

    As this is a security hole, in an Arris modem...

    Could you call this an Arris 'ole.....?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Use ear plugs

    Probably more annoying than back-door part deux, is that damn pop-corn music that will be buzzing around inside my orb all day! :/

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