back to article Western Digital begins navigating the non-volatile memory maze

Stifel MD Aaron Rakers has taken a deep dive look at the SanDisk technology Western Digital is aiming to buy, and his report brings out cost-savings derived from HGST escaping payment of an Intel tax, 3D NAND timescales, and possibilities for future planar NAND node shrinks. SanDisk brings Western Digital a NAND chip supply …

  1. Suricou Raven

    "consumer SAS SSDs"

    Even gamers aren't that demanding.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Most, admittedly, aren't but a home server that is is not far on the horizon. I absolutely adore my IBM SAS board. I can run things together that will crash a gamer system and not worry about it. Hell, not even think about it.

      Definitely nice. Which reminds me to check its compatibility issues with BSDs and Linices. No more Windows, ever licensed Servers, on it.

  2. Alan Brown Silver badge


    As more and more large customers distrust WD/SG (with good reason) and large 3d SSDs eat their lunch (better warranties, longer life, faster access, less power), Samsung and Sandisk become the new movers and shakers in the storage world.

    I've been firmly of the opinion that the chinese competition ministry was holding off allowing the mergers of WD/HGST and SG/Toshiba to avoid a duopoly in the market whilst SSDs weren't "there yet". They allowed both those to finally happen earlier this year.

    HDDs are more expensive and have shorter warranties across the board than they did for the same capacities pre 2008, plus there's good reason based on past mergers to suspect that the "premium" brand will have its reliability stats tarnished by new management.

    I'm pretty sure that even though large SSDs are still 3-5x the price than spinning drives, sales will ramp up rapidly over the next 12 months. I doubt we'll be making any more spinning media purchases past February even for 2Tb sizes.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Haha shingling because that worked out well for Seagate, its a flawed technology that means if your doing anything other than cold storage, you just burning through disk life quicker.

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