back to article How much has ICANN spent on lobbying US govt this year? $2.5m

Domain name overseer ICANN has spent $2.5m in the past year lobbying the US government, putting the small non-profit on a par with multi-national corporations. The figure is five times larger than the organization has previously admitted to. It emerged after ICANN was repeatedly asked to reveal the true amount it was spending …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Keep shoveling ICANN....

    there's gotta' be a pony in your offices somewhere. Sheesh...

  2. elDog

    Does anybody remember when the internet was based on sharing information

    Instead of making money?

    I'm not one of the inventors or founders (no Al Gore here), but I do remember when arpanet was available among 7+ nodes. These were research facilities and little security was needed.

    The next stage is when the defense conglomerates (I worked for Honeywell/Unisys) started to understand that they could monetize the access and the USMIL split the arpanet into a US defense network and the "internet".

    Then companies jumping on the non-print version of advertising until they overwhelmed the media with their crap.

    Then the virus kiddos thinking its fun to let off cherry bombs in their neighbors' front porches with hacks; and then the hyenas discovering they could use these hacks to make some Serious Bucks.

    Back to making money...

  3. Captain DaFt

    So that explains it!

    All those new, stupid GTLDs! They needed to cash to bri.. er, lobby the US government with.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "engagement and education" programs

    I swear to God I have a very special "education" program for ICANN that covers all aspects of managing with transparency. It is seconded by key therapeutic sessions of a new technique I am reviewing called percussive chanting. It goes like this : the board members get tied to a log, then the galley drummers start a slow rythm while the personnel impress the notion of transparency on their bare backs with leathery implements.

    With a good tempo, the board will be chanting transparency in no time.

    Repeat the session when motivation is no longer sufficient.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: "engagement and education" programs

      Won't work. Their skins are so thick you'd just wear out the whips to no effect.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $2.5M on consultation?

    Chickenfeed! They're not even trying - time to get in Accenture!

    (anon because although I'm not outsourced yet... I'm sure I would be!)

  6. KA0293

    Does anybody remember when members of ICANN's board of directors looked at its financial records?

    Remember when I, as a sitting member of ICANN's board of directors requested to look at ICANN's general ledgers? Remember that despite unambiguously clear law that gives directors the power to make such examinations that ICANN fought tooth and nail for 18 months until I obtained a writ of mandate from a court to compel them to open the books?

    I wonder whether any directors since that date have bothered to take a glance at ICANN's finances, or have they just accepted the summaries presented to them by ICANN's ever more powerful management?

    By-the-way, after I took my look some of ICANN's suppliers, including its largest creditor, stopped presenting detailed invoices and presented only summaries in an attempt (seemingly a successful attempt) to prevent even one who examines the ledgers from really understanding where the money is going.

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