back to article Kick off the festive season, with Reg-style hijinks in Sydney

Christmas is nearly upon us, and Vulture South has a little party planned in concert with SimpliVity. Our plan is simple: spend half an hour on land learning about SimpliVity's approach to hyperconverged infrastructure, then hit the harbour for 30 minutes of mayhem aboard an OzJet speedboat. The action starts and finishes at …

  1. Gumby1

    Just a bit of a trip

    Being in Western Australia it will be a bit of a trip and what Day was this to be on ... hopefully not the 18th.

  2. Sampler

    oh man

    I spent yesterday on a boat in the harbour and got back around three, if I'd've seen this I'd've been straight on - would've not only nicely filled the time I otherwise wasted wandering JB Hifi for one of those phone battery backup chargers (why they always got to be moving shit around) until it was time to go for my stand up comedy routine in Glebe.

    Hell, I'm even in the market for a cloudy server solution (though currently talking to rackspace about aws)

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