back to article Has the next generation of monolithic storage arrived?

Infindat’s product is called Infinibox. It’s a monolithic storage system, or could even be called next generation monolithic, and competes against EMC VMAX, HDS VSP or 3PAR 10K. It’s not all-flash. It’s hybrid, with lots of RAM and flash at the front-end and big 7200 RPM disks at the back-end, bringing a total usable capacity …

  1. swissarmyknife

    I like it...

    $1 per gig for enteprise functionality, and soon to be ficon? Hell yeah. I like the burn in they do too...good stuff. Moshe turns out solid gear, and this will be no exception, at least until he sells it to huawei.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There is no monolithic storage

    In next generational design. They built Symm 4.0, good luck with selling that big iron.

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