back to article Acer chief exec Stan Shih: Exiting the PC market? Not us!

IDC analyst Tom Mainelli put the cat among the pigeons with his prediction last week that two of the top 10 PC vendors – but not the top four – will shutter their operations within the next two years. His prognosis stung Asustek CEO Jerry Shen yesterday to proclaim his company’s allegiance to the PC market. Today, Acer …

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  2. asdf

    One man tells the story.

    Acer runs off Gianfranco Lanci because he is not Taiwanese (and dares to want to hire talent worldwide, but for Acer foreigners only exist as buyers). Gianfranco Lanci then goes to Lenovo. Hmm whose stock holders are happier today? (though even Lenovo is starting to take it on the chin but they will outlast Acer for sure)

  3. W. Anderson

    Windows PC delusional players

    It is my clear understanding from published statements of Samsung that they exited the "PC" marketplace 2 years ago. If the article author knows differently he needs to clarify this.

    Acer, along with ASUS and other smaller manufacturers who are beholden to Microsoft for building Windows "PC systems, are delusional and need to seek professional psychological counseling for their addiction to the failing Windows PC sphere.

    Acer, in particular were supposedly doing very well with their ChromeBooks sales, but reduced or shuttered this line in order to bring out new Windows 10 notebooks.

    Windows mobile accounts for approximately 5% of the total mobile marketplace, compared to Aple iOS and Android/ChromeOS that occupies about 93%, and still growing gbloally. Wndows mobile and PC sales are stagnant at best.

    How much more self destructive can these guys get?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Windows PC delusional players

      I imagine that, as with netbooks, Acer dropped Chromebooks when a company from the Seattle area made them an offer they were unable to resist.

      Windows isn't failing yet, though. It's just that quite a lot of the people who thought they needed desktop or laptop computers found out that they didn't need them quite that much, or that their old ones worked longer than expected. (I have a 4 year old Asus i7 laptop; it's a bit heavy, the battery life is well below modern standards, but the performance is fine and I only need that performance occasionally, so most of the time I'm using a tablet. If I replace it with a new thin shiny with a long battery life, it will be vanity rather than practicality.)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Windows PC delusional players

      Doing well and being the majority of profit or revenue are very different things. This is part of why it is not uncommon for a changing of brands when there actuall is technical change since it is the safe bet to accept better terms or outright subsidies by the established players till sales of a new stuff are so high they have release their own version. Even with the gradual erosion of MS market share of desktops and laptops the change is slow and MS is going to be the largest for a while, alternate OSs are a better negotiating tool than a realistic replacement for the whole product line for the near future.

      The switch from chromebook to Android seems like will produce a much better alternative anyway. Running local applications, better ofline functionality, integration with Android phones or tablets, possibly using the existing android app base to fill in software gaps may help get a critical mass that could be large enough to get developers to write for it.

  4. Captain DaFt

    misspelled headline?

    Shouldn't it read:

    "Acer chief exec Stan Shih: Exciting the PC market? Not us!"

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