back to article Huawei who? We probe the sleeping storage dragon's brains

Huawei is China's Cisco or Sweden’s Ericsson without the storage hangups that affect the US networking giant. It's a $46.5bn colossus with 170,000 employees, privately-owned by its Chinese national employees, with no venture capital investment and three rotating CEOs. This is most assuredly not your average IT corporation. …

  1. Mondo the Magnificent

    Crouching kitty, hidden iguana.....

    We could class Huawei globally as a potentially equivalent storage supplier to Dell, EMC, HDS, HP and IBM, with a roughly equivalent set of hardware platforms, minus tape

    Perhaps in SMB/SME, EU markets, but the corporate and government sectors just doesn't trust Huawei...

    Of course the growing Chinese market, who are fiercely loyal to Chinese goods and brands is a massive driver in Huawei storage sales.

    Where Huawei really does well is the 3rd world and emerging markets where price dictates everything and it's in those markets where they really do excel...

    So, as the 3rd world countries continue to wake up to the likes of centralised storage and Cloud, the Huawei brand outsells the likes of Dell, EMC, HDS, HP and IBM, after all, cost is the driving factor here

    1. Scoular

      We are the best!!!

      "Of course the growing Chinese market, who are fiercely loyal to Chinese goods and brands is a massive driver in Huawei storage sales."

      Never seen a similar attitude in other countries then!!!!

  2. SK

    "We must stay focused. We are a company with limited capabilities and resources. We can only catch up with or surpass US companies within limited areas. A force applied over a smaller surface area can get us larger pressure, and then breakthroughs would be possible"

    Which is why we do network infrastructure. And consumer handsets. And enterprise IT. We are very focused....

    1. Tom Womack

      Remember this is China

      Home of sock factories with sidelines in coal-mining and real estate trading; sticking to making electronic hardware is a reasonably tight focus by the standards of huge Chinese conglomerates.

    2. hmas

      I would call it focussed

      3rd largest smartphone vendor in terms of worldwide handset shipments. Largest 4G Infrastructure vendor and giving Ericsson and NSN a thorough kicking in all markets other than US and Australia.

      I bought Huawei storage 3 years ago. My concerns at the time was that the software and management capabilities wouldn't be up to scratch. Sure enough, it was a little rough round the edges compared to the established competition, but it worked and worked well and in terms of IOPS and capacity for my money, it trounced the competition.

      Today's buzz words are virtualization, SDS and SDN. More and more control is being pushed to the software stack and the old guard are losing their hold on customers.

  3. Alan Brown Silver badge

    I didn't buy Huawei Storage

    For only one reason:

    The underlaying filesystem wasn't ZFS. Everything else was good.

    IxSystems got my money. This time.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Best growth - please explain

    I would like to see what that actually means in revenue terms.

    Its easy to get a great growth number off a small base, compared to a larger company, they need to add some context to the slide for it to be meaningful IMHO.

    It would be interesting to see this analysis done from a regional perspective - do the losses in the larger companies correlate to the gains Huawei have had in each region.

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