back to article Reg Winter Lecture: Former Iraq hostage talks survival and tech

If you’re dreading the pressure cooker of a family Christmas, we challenge you to change your perspective by coming to our 1 December lecture with SQL specialist and former Iraq hostage, Peter Moore. Long-time Reg reader Peter Moore will be telling us how he went to the office one day in 2007 to work on a finance system for …

  1. Sokolik


    "...that can break those with a traditional military background."

    Whoa! Where did that come from? Isn't that contrast an out-of-bounds leap in context?

    I take nothing away from Mr.Moore. I am sure everything you write about him-- to say the least-- is true. I, too, respect his humble understatement. And, I confess, my criticism may be invalid, because it is not objective, because I am a veteran.

    For how it is or is not relevant, I recall a former captive of the PRV speaking of keeping his skull together by mentally writing blueprints of a house.

  2. Speltier


    No live streaming video for the rest of the world+dog?

  3. Redlemon

    Absentee plea

    Sadly, although I had a ticket, I was unable to attend. I too would like to see a video of this event if I may.

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