Need help finding a physically small wired keyboard

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  1. Esme

    Need help finding a physically small wired keyboard


    I'm wanting to obtain a phsically small (20cm/8in or less width) keyboard, will consider with or without trackpad, that connects via USB.

    This is for a little portable PC project I'm basing around a Raspberry Pi. I know that Adafruit sell a suitably sized wireless keyboard, but I'd really much prefer a wired one. However, my attempts to find such via t'internet haven't turned any up thus far. If anyone reading this knows of such a wee beastie, I'd very much appreiate being pointed in the right direction.

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  2. Esme

    Exactly what I said, is what I meant, m'dear; oh, ISWYM - I'm building a Steampunkish take on something like an early Osborne portable. Yes, I'm fine with a keyboard that small for this project, because it's extremely unlikely I'd be wanting to type large amounts of text on the thing, think of it more as a mobile entertainment centre/talking point. Something I potentially could take camping, or use to amuse myself if ill and bed-bound at home (I don;t possess a laptop or tablet), but not for serious work.

    I used to have a Sharp PC1211 (it only finally died a few years ago when the screen went peculiar) and found its keyboard to be excellent, and that's around the sort of size I want. There will be at least one USB port spare should I ever want to plug a full sized keyboard in, but frankly, I can't see me wanting to lug a full-sized keyboard around with me as well.

  3. Maldax

    21.79 cm?

    KeySonic ACK-3400U

    1. Esme

      Re: 21.79 cm?

      Maldax thank you! As it turns out, when I took a first rough look at how things will need to be laid out the other evening, I discovered that the whole thing will need to be a bit wider than I'd thought because I;d forgotten to account for the sheer size of HDMI plugs sticking out of the side of things. Whilst I would still prefer a tad smaller, that keyboard will cetainly get the job done!

  4. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    A steampunk Osborne? Please post pictures when it's finished.

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