back to article Last orders cost Quantum dear as it limps to $11.2m loss

Storage company Quantum has confirmed its early October revenue warning, with second fiscal 2016 quarter revenues of $117m, and not the hoped-for $125m. There was a loss of $11.2m in the quarter, which compares with a loss of $10.8m in the previous quarter, and indeed a profit of $1.2m in the year-ago quarter. It attributed a …

  1. Your alien overlord - fear me

    I can't believe el Reg didn't do the whole , "Quantum will find a Solace" in their reported earnings.

  2. texastaj

    So where does StoreNext rank and map to Nexenta and or QUMULO ?

    fad3 to black?

    Deprecated ? Or innovative? Sunset?

    Honestly curious for some levelset on their vision?

    Don't see their futures with all the flash options amidst the market and lagging simplification or lack of cloud savvy. ? Is this off base? What's next for quantum ?

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