back to article Warm your fingers by the bonfire of vanity on-premises storage

Public cloud storage supporters couldn't hope for a better cheerleader than Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez, whose company provides cloud storage gateways, including an on-premises caching device. He hammered a nail in the on-premises storage coffin here in June, and is across the water in Europe again to swing the hammer one more …

  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    what he fails to mention

    Is that their tech is really squarely aimed at general file storage. No transactional stuff, nothing performance sensitive. Think file shares for end users and document storage that sort of thing. Nasuni reps are pretty up front about this (I talked with them a few months ago, one of my 3PAR reps went there). They seem to have pretty neat tech on paper, for IT organizations it is probably a decent fit for a lot of folks(if for nothing else a nice way of providing "WAN optimization" and portability for the data). For my workloads which have nothing to do with document storage(mostly application VMs and mysql databases) it's not useful in any capacity.

    1. K

      Re: what he fails to mention

      Agreed,,, I'd also add like all this type of systems, they're too expensive for the functionality they deliver.

      Recently we had a need for a FS (not block) level system that could offer a local cache, but store to S3 and then archive to Glacier or Nearline, the price of these systems was jaw dropping.

      In the end I just brought another SAN with a couple of dozen NLSAS drives for local storage, then purchased Cloudberry to run on top of it.. works pretty well, cost me a fraction of the money!

      1. richmlinpdx

        Re: what he fails to mention

        Not sure what you spent on the SAN, but we're doing this on-prem with Cloudian and then letting Cloudian tier to S3. Depending on your dedup and compression, the cost can be cheaper than S3 in terms of $ / GB / month compared to 3 year depreciation.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For enterprise, On-Premise is still much better than Cloud Buzzing

    Consider the price first, given you buy 100TB storage from new vendors and owned for 5 years, what's the price? For cloud like Google Near Line, 100 X 1024G * 0.01(Per Month) X 60(Month) = 61440; If every year, you read one or two times, the prices will double or even triple.

    Performance:The last mile to Cloud is counted in Mega Bytes. To transfer a couple of TiB, hours are gone. Also, whenever you want to get your price, you have to pay to get it.

    Security: Do you have data security in the cloud? Anyone with common sense won't trust today's Web Cloud. What about Enterprise?

    Primary Storage: No way to run into the cloud.

    Most Internet company can use such kinda of storage since most of their data are logs after data mining.

    For serious Enterprise, I doubt in the long run.

    Private and Public Cloud combination may be the way to go.

  3. e^iπ+1=0

    A bit like an advertisement

    Nice article, pretty slides and so on.

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