back to article On Planet Oracle, Big Red wasn't a decade late to cloud ... Amazon was just years too early

Earlier this month, Amazon tweaked Oracle's nose at its re:Invent conference. On Tuesday this week, Oracle fired back with a raft of cloud announcements. During the morning's keynote presentation, Thomas Kurian, Oracle's president of product, outlined the new offerings in cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, including an Elastic …

  1. Stevie


    Yeah, but you probably have to access Mr O'Racle's services using a portal running on Weblogic.

    When asked by a Noracle drone recently how we were getting on with Weblogic I got kicked out of the meeting and made to sit in the Uncooperative Corner for answering "We liked it so much we switched our application to IBM Websphere and saw an order of magnitude pickup in just about every metric. Bet you wish the techs we begged for help for two long, slow years had been more responsive, eh?"

    Oracle only seem to engage when they are being pipped at the post these days.

    1. LDS Silver badge

      Re: Bah!

      Yes, when IBM stuff is faster than yours you really have a big problem...

  2. ToddR

    opensourceium myarseium

    "For those keen on open source, Kurian said that over 200 open stacks had now been certified to run on the Oracle cloud."

    Hahahahahhahhahhahhah open source hahha

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