back to article Citrix: CEO exit plans accelerated, results take a turn.... for the better

Citrix – currently locked in the vice-like grip of activist investor Elliott Management – has confirmed exec chairman Robert Calderoni will move into the care-taking CEO position. Long-serving chief exec Mark Templeton previously confirmed he is to retire at the end of this calendar year, but had planned to man the fort until …

  1. MyffyW Silver badge

    The Journey is the reward

    Suspect the Chief Exec's salary would be reward enough for most of us. Any sh*ts and giggles that came from the "journey" would be a bonus

    1. Mark 85

      Re: The Journey is the reward

      But for some, no matter how much they make, it's never enough... <raises eyebrow and looks at Elliot Management, Bill Gates, Steve Job).

  2. The IT Ghost

    Having been one of the ones laid off (not fired, we got severance) I really liked the atmosphere at Citrix, but I saw the writing on the wall - I was a new hire at the time, no seniority, no special skillsets, and that put me squarely on the chopping block. A good place to work, plenty of chances to work with other teams, other departments. I was not happy to have to leave, but at least I saw it coming and took everything home before Axe Day - few things are worse, in my opinion, than having to stand there packing your stuff while everyone else is trying to hide their relief it was you to got cut instead of them, and be sympathetic - while some random representative of the managerial corps hovers over you watching that you don't steal anything belonging to the company. The departures, in my personal opinion, could have been handled better.

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