back to article Hated Capita Contingent Labour One contract will be overhauled

The government's £2.5bn Capita-run Contingent Labour One framework – hated by suppliers and buyers alike – is to be overhauled by a "more equitable" Temporary Workers contract next year. Under CLOne, Capita is responsible for the provision of "interim managers and specialist contractors" across a range of services including IT …

  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    But what the Capita spokesperson should have said was...

    "More than 60 per cent of the work under Contingent Labour 1 is awarded to SMEs. Of the 348 suppliers on the framework, 322 are SMEs. The framework has been designed, and is run, in the manner required by the senior government officials that also have a large stakeholding or board level directorship at Capita. But take it from me, there IS no conflict of interest here. Honestly... 'ish"

  2. organiser

    The fact that Capita is the ONLY supplier is a bit suspicious.

    The fact that Capita, as the sole, "neutral" and monopoly supplier, is allowed to bring 20% of all business through its own group makes me wonder.

    The fact that the contract itself appears to be secret (e.g. not available anywhere) is also a bit suspicious.

    The fact that it is for such a long term is yet more suspicious.

    The fact that CLOne has been promoted internally amongst Government agencies and departments to be the go-to contract model above anything else (even where Consulting One etc would be far more appropriate) is even more suspicious.

    It all makes me think that CLOne was the result of a back-hand deal constructed to benefit that sole, 80% neutral supplier who is now beginning to feel bad about it.

    But what do I know? I'm only on the receiving end of it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As fishy as a truck load of rotting fish from fishville

    Taking a 20% cut of the revenue for service provision or being allowed to take / supply 20% of the overall business in direct competition to Third Party suppliers does stink of conflict of interest or open the doors wide to contract abuse.

    And that is without taking into consideration that as the Prime service provider they will have oversight and detailed knowledge that is not available to Third Parties and therefore can cherry pick contracts.

    Increasingly it appears that Capita are the "undeclared" privatised arm of HMG..... Too many contracts, too little oversight, too little evidence of derived value and benefit and yet the contacts keep rolling in.

    Finally mega deals such as these are an anathema that seldom delivers the predicted savings or benefits. This should rightly be thrown on the scrap heap and the HMG forced to rethink.

  4. PeterM42


    Get a monopoly and a BRILLIANT new logo - nice one The Register.

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