back to article Red Hat buys Ansible for DevOps loveliness

Red Hat is buying Ansible, a big wheel in the DevOps tools scene, for an undisclosed price. But the gossip is $100m or so, a tidy sum for a company with just 50 employees. Ansible does IT automation and will sit in nicely with Red Hat’s so-called “hybrid management portfolio” – that means it joins OpenStack and containers. …

  1. m.pumphrey

    Hope for better consistency

    Tried Ansible in a production environment but the commands were hit or miss.

    Though the idea of a "no-client" Puppet type management was appealing, it was not consistent enough to keep.

    Puppet has been around so long that integration in to every type of system is pretty much the norm, so Ansible is not really needed.

    Our US government security configuration are Puppet manifests as well.

    RedHat is a cornerstone for Linux, so I feel that these issues will be a thing of the past soon.

    I look forward to trying it again in a few years...

    1. Rainer

      Re: Hope for better consistency

      RedHat uses puppet (as part of the Satellite Server 6 combo).

      So this is an interesting move.

      But they also bought CEPH, even though they already had GlusterFS.

      It's probably their version of "Tick-Tock" or so.

  2. Justin Clift

    Excellent :)

    As title says.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Antitrust Act time?

    Glad I didn't bother with Ansible.

    Redhat's ruining everything in the Linux "scaling" space. Buying up all the competition to kill it.

    1. Justin Clift

      Re: Antitrust Act time?

      There's no way they'd buy Ansible to kill it. It would only be done because they see great potential for it to be a winning platform, and momentum already happening in that direction.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Antitrust Act time?

        Then they'll buy the other big ones and assign the employees to Ansible. Or they'll slowly kill it with bloat, vertical integration lock-in, and the self-induced FUD that they *might* do such things, given their track record.

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