back to article SAP's Orca leaps from the depths early, Needled by Amazon

SAP announced its brand new cloud analytics service under pressure from mighty Amazon. Europe's largest software maker pre-announced Project Orca, now officially named Cloud for Analytics, in response to Amazon's Space Needle BI-analytics-as-a-service, The Register has learned. Sources close to SAP told The Reg SAP hadn't …

  1. elDog

    Lots of competition - in the cloud and free on your local servers

    Business Intelligence is one area that is blossoming without regard to the Old Guard. Used to be that SPSS and SAS, SAP?, had some real muscle in the game. Open source such as R and Python with incredible packages are eating the big boys' lunches.

    Microsoft with its acquisition of Revolution Dynamics version of R and integrated with SQL Server 2016 will be a formidable competitor (I guess SQL Server Analytic Services isn't doing that well.) Putting SS2016 on the Azure cloud looks very promising.

    "Weeks, not months" - plenty of time for developing and testing, right?

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      "Weeks, not months"

      SAP are forever announcing stuff like this. Q4, they'll do an early roll out to certain customers. I bet it doesn't hit General Availability until mid-2016 at best.

      They have so many analytics products now, it's getting ridiculous - 2 versions of Crystal Reports FFS?

      OK, they're merging a lot of stuff, but that's taking time. Last thing they need is more distractions.

      Under the covers, I think we'll find this is some bits of their existing portfolio published to HANA.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lots of competition - in the cloud and free on your local servers

      What was it that that Cisco CEO guy said? Feelings..?

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