back to article FBI takes down Dridex botnet, seizes servers, arrests suspect

The FBI has teamed up with security vendors to disrupt the operations of Dridex banking Trojan. Multiple command-and-control (C&C) servers used by the Dridex Trojan have been taken down and seized in a co-ordinated action after the FBI obtained court orders. The take-down operation is geared towards crippling the malware’s …

  1. W Donelson

    Windows *facepalm*

    We are going to pay for this for decades.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another day, more scumware

    These crims should be executed.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Another day, more scumware

      Which ones? Microsoft or the ones running the botnet? Maybe both? While were at it.. let's add Adobe to the list, just because we can.

  3. Alistair


    Nice to know there is still some decent work going on cleaning these up....

    Total *reported* take in the $40M range.

    Our PrimeMinister has spend almost 12 times that much out of our government revenue on political ads attacking the other parties. Now, THEREs a bot that needs taking down.




  4. Tony S


    It's good to hear a bit of positive news; especially one in which the authorities have teamed up with specialists from the private sector to go after the bad guys.

    Hopefully, this project will be repeated to try and take down a few more of these scumbags

  5. Conrad Longmore

    If they've taken it down..

    If they've taken it down.. then how come the Dridex spam is still running? Just got another malicious Dridex DOC this morning -

  6. Stevie


    Yay for the feebee.

    Also others.

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